Polly is my latest graphic novel. Part two is on the way. Another ongoing project is the fourth part of the Vimmelgrind series.

On a continuous basis, since 1992, I also draw Sture Stelben for the motorcycle magazine MC-Folket.

My first graphic novel Garagedrömmar (Garage dreams) were published 1995. It's a story that takes place among the working class in the countryside, a subject I often return to. In the Journal of graphic novels and comics you can read an article about my book Hundra år i samma klass (A Hundred Years in the Same Class).

I have been awarded several times in Sweden but yet none of my graphic novels have been published in other countries. At Electrocomics you can read the ten page comic One for all, from my graphic novel Lång väg tillbaka (A Long way back).

I am a comic artist and musician. Born 1969 and raised in the countryside (Osby, Sweden). Now living in Malmö.


I write songs and play both alone and with different bands. For the moment I play punkrock in Härvan and country in Loshult Lineman. Both on the label Maräng Records. I also play lapsteel in the alt-folk band Call it Garbo.

2016 I released a solo record connected to my graphic novel Hundra år i samma klass (A Hundred Years in the Same Class), based on the story of my grandmother.

Other bands/projects are for example Påtår hos Moa Martinson - songs based on the life and work of the swedish author Moa Martinson, and Spiken i kistan - folk/country-stories from the social fringe

Also have a listen to the instrumental elecronica project  Fruit Machine Stories - music for easy feet and heavy hearted minds.