I'm some kind of drawing musician, or possibly vice versa. Actually it's about telling stories. It's been that way from the beginning. And when I get an idea I do not always know what shape it will take.


I was born in januari 1969 and grew up among chickens and scrap cars in the woods outside Osby (Sweden). Nowadays I live in Malmö and work with comics, illustration and music.



I create in different styles, from short funny pages to long epic stories. Example of short ones are Sture Stelben (published since 1992 in motorbike magazine MC-Folket) and Lukas, the rocker (created in 1993 and published in several comic magazines, nowadays Uti Vår Hage). 1995 I released my first graphic novel Garagedrömmar (Garage dreams). Since then I've made a number of books, for example the children series Vimmelgrind. A couple of years I also published my own comic magazine Kustom. Check out the complete book list here.


Few of my comics are translated to english. You can read the ten page comic One for all at electrocomics. Also check out the very new comic Sam the Arcadian, created in collaboration with comic artist Staffan Melin.




I write songs and play both alone and with different bands. For the moment I focus on Loshult Lineman - pure border country, and the punkrockband Härvan. 2016 I released a solo record with 11 songs connected to my graphic novel Hundra år i samma klass based on the story of my grandmother.


Other bands/projects are Påtår hos Moa Martinson (songs based on the life and work of the great swedish writer Moa Martinson, 1890 - 1964) and Spiken i kistan (grave and merry folk/country-stories from the social fringe). Find out more about these and other projects at the Maräng Records website.


I also have created film music. Mainly for pedagogic films about nature, education, environment and sustainable development.


Other notable music projects I have put here on the site are Fruit Machine Stories, Allianz and Sveas Elverk.

©2017 Mats Källblad